Here at Smile Design we see it as our mission to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for life, from cradle to grave. Our friendly team of dentists and dental nurses offer regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene.


Dental decay is mainly caused when food debris, especially the residue from sugary foods, is not cleaned off teeth properly. Bacteria in your mouth feed on the residues, breed, and the resulting plaque damages the teeth, causing decay. The best way to avoid having to have fillings is to make sure you clean your teeth properly and thoroughly after meals. However, some teeth are tougher than others: sometimes the bacteria win and teeth develop cavities which need filling.

Dental decay can’t always be seen or felt when it first starts, but it will show up on an X-ray. That’s why most dentists suggest you should have a check-up every six months and regular X-rays, so that we can catch any decay early and you’ll only need a small filling.

Dental decay

Smile Design have invested in Digital X-Rays, this technology has a variety of benefits from lower dosage to instant development and assessment. Beyond that there is no more long turnaround times and needing to visit a dental hospital. Early treatment will be more comfortable for you and the result will be neater, as well as saving more of your natural tooth, which is always desirable.

Many people put off visiting the dentist when they think they may need a filling, thinking that it will be painful. Leaving it too late could mean losing the tooth altogether, and with modern anaesthetics the procedure really isn’t painful, so it’s worth coming in as soon as you suspect you have a problem. That way we can deal with it quickly and get it over with.

We supply both metal amalgam fillings and composite tooth coloured fillings to match your own teeth. The NHS allows composite fillings only for front teeth; private patients can choose, but your dentist will be able to advise which type of filling is more appropriate for your needs.