Snoring Appliances

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Snoring Appliances for a peaceful night's sleep

We don’t see ourselves as marriage counsellors, but we like to think we’ve saved more than one relationship with our snoring appliances.

Snoring is a condition that cannot be cured – but it doesn’t have to be endured.  Sometimes it’s caused by self-indulgence in food or drink, but sleeping tablets, infections, allergies, hormones, your facial anatomy and your sleeping position can all play their part. Women snore too, though they may be more embarrassed to admit it and seek help. If you’ve tried everything else, come and talk to us about how we can help.

Snoring is more than just an irritation for the person lying next to the snorer, though.  It means poor sleep for both people, which can lead to depression, loss of libido and lethargy, not to mention putting a strain on your relationships.  The resulting tiredness can also affect your ability to drive or operate machinery safely.

Get rid of tiredness

Snoring is also connected to a potentially dangerous condition, Obstructive Sleep Apnoeia.  Obstructive Sleep Apnoeia causes the throat to close up during sleep, which means that no air can get into the lungs and circulatory system.  If we suspect you may be suffering from this condition we will refer you to a consultant.

For less serious cases, our dentists here at Smile Design are trained in Dental Sleep Medicine and have a range of treatments to offer.  We will discuss with you the possible causes of snoring in order to determine which ones may apply to you.  We can then suggest appropriate snoring appliances for your particular situation, such as nasal strips, mandibular advancement devices, vestibular shields and others.

We may not be able to cure snoring but we can dramatically reduce it and the effects you and your partner suffer from it.  So don’t toss and turn any longer: come and talk to us about snoring appliances and let us help you sleep like a baby again.