Wedding makeovers

Here at Smile Design we see it as our mission to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for life, from cradle to grave. Our friendly team of dentists and dental nurses offer regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene.

The perfect smile for your dream day

There are so many things to think about when you’re organising a wedding: the venue, the catering and drinks, the guest list, the music, the dress, the bridesmaids, the photographer, the smile…

Your wedding should be your dream day, but for many people the very thought of being photographed is a nightmare, because they feel their smile lets them down.

If you hate being photographed because you think your smile is less than perfect, come and talk to us.  There are so many ways we can help to make your smile radiant for your big day.  Tooth-whitening is a very popular procedure for brides, for obvious reasons, but it’s only the beginning of what we can offer you.

For  example, we can:

  • re-shape teeth to get rid of small chips – it’s like filing your finger nails and just as painless
  •  fill small gaps between teeth with cosmetic white bonding
  • apply porcelain veneers if you have larger gaps, chipped or uneven teeth or teeth that can’t be whitened
  •  fit crowns if something more than veneers is required.

Wedding Makeover

You may be surprised to discover that we can also straighten crooked teeth, even for adults.  This is obviously a longer process, so the sooner you start the better – you’ll usually need at least six months for the treatment to be effective.  Braces are almost invisible these days, and Invisalign braces can even be removed for important events and so that you can clean your teeth properly.

We suggest that you come and discuss what we can do for you as soon as you get engaged.  That way we have plenty of time to plan and carry out the treatments before your big day.

The perfect smile for your perfect day… it’s not just a dream!

Contact Smile Design today to discuss how a Wedding Makeover can help make your dream of a perfect smile come true.