Here at Smile Design we see it as our mission to help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for life, from cradle to grave. Our friendly team of dentists and dental nurses offer regular dental check-ups and dental hygiene.

Brighten up your smile

Whitening will remove discolouration that has built up within your teeth and restore them to your natural shade, rather than making your teeth unnaturally white.  What it can’t do is restore the colour of teeth that have been damaged or are dead after root canal treatment (but we can offer you veneers for such teeth if you need them).

If you already have crowns or veneers they will not whiten like your natural teeth.  If you are planning to get them, it would be sensible to have your teeth whitened before your tooth-colour is matched for the crown or veneers.  We will discuss your options with you before you start.

Simplest way to achieve a perfect smile

Smile Design offers a home tooth-whitening kit (available only under prescription), so that you can safely, gently and conveniently fit the process into your lifestyle and control the level of whiteness you achieve.

It’s very simple. We make comfortable rubber moulds of your teeth, you fill the moulds with whitening gel and leave them on for a few hours a day as you relax at home or while you sleep and – voila! – white teeth.  The process takes several weeks so you won’t shock your friends and colleagues.

After a time the discolouration may start to return unless you completely give up eating, drinking and generally enjoying life.  No problem: just repeat the process to regain your perfect pearly-white smile!

This tooth-whitening method does not make the teeth sensitive, as some over-the-counter products do.  It is perfectly safe and you can stop whenever you like.  Once you have the moulds, all you need is more gel (supplied under prescription) and you can repeat the treatment as you require.